Contract Signing Between Public Utilities Corporation and Tornado Group for 595/18 Project: Mahe Desalination Extension II  in Seychelles Island.

Public Utilities Corporation and Tornado CEO – Akram Salameh presided over a signing ceremony of the Seychelles Desalination project, marking a stronger relationship between two esteemed companies. PCU has been our client for years, and have nothing but excellent things to say about their company and especially about the quality of projects they generate. The utility sector constitutes the backbone of the Seychelles economy. An adequate utility service with a high degree of reliability and quality that is the key to the economic growth of Seychelles.


The Public Utilities Corporation intends to use its own funds towards the cost of desalination plants expansion in the island of Mahe as the demand for the potable water in Seychelles is continuously rising as a result of population growth, tourism activities and other commercial developments. In order to plan and improve the water supply situation in Seychelles, the Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) formulate a water development plan (WDP) for the country up to the year 2030. This plan was to enable the PUC to optimize the utilization of existing resources and proposed new projects to ensure a sustainable and cost effective development of future water infrastructure. This Project is referenced as Mahe Desalination Plant Extension II: Plant and Design-Build for 3×1500 m³/day SWRO containerized plant at Providence. For more info visit The works includes mechanical, electrical and civil works for extension of the desalination plant facilities at Providence from a production capacity of 11,500 m³/day to 16,000 m³/day. Extension of Providence desalination plant includes engineering design, works and treatment processes, from intake to outlet, including seawater intake system, filtration, membrane reverse osmosis technology, flushing system, CIP, backwash, remineralisation, disinfection, transfer pumps works, brine discharge works, pipe works, sub structures, site works and building services. The refurbishment will be contracted according to the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) Conditions of Contract for Plant and Design-Build, First Edition 1999