On 28 July, Tornado Group Leaders attended seminar conducted by Dubai Quality Group (DQG) thru Quality Indeed Consulting PZE at Mövenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate – Dubai. The workshop was focused on the attainment and comprehensive understanding of excellence management through EFQM Framework. The seminar aimed at providing an overview over modern leadership and management approaches, service quality, delegation techniques and empowerment in an oscillating market.


The workshop started at 8 a.m. and was attended by more than 20 Tornado Group & TRV Leaders from different departments. The lecture led by Mr. Assem Al Khawajah as the facilitator and a renowned international consultant guest speaker appointed by DQG. His presentation underlined that a leader is a person who takes responsibility and shows direction. “Leadership is what drives a team, thus a true leader is a person who is credible to inspire others to follow” he said. Additionally, he pointed out the importance ofsatisfying the stakeholders of the company (customer, partners, government, employees and owners) and many more substantial inputs.

The workshop was well-structured, interactive & insightful session as most of the attendees gave their insight into a concept of outstanding leadership & quality as well as shared experiences and knowledge about motivation factors and effective delegation. The seminar is greatly appreciated for the fact that there is an acceptance among the group of the need for systematic documentation, effective control and building up strong strategic goals. Near the end of the seminar, one of the guest participants, the founder of the start-up Fully-Verified was asked by the event organizer, Though diverting from the workshop subject, the lesson was accepted with great approval by the participants. At the end of the discussion, we were given an evaluation form whereas Leaders were able to give comments with regards to the flow of the programme. The seminar ended at a high note and proved to be an enriching discussion.


 We in Tornado Group recognize the importance of giving seminars and workshops from lower management to higher management as we believe that there is always a room for continuous improvement. This edification will be practiced within the organization, will surely be a habit and eventually will become part of our culture. Thus, in an effort to extract competence and pursuit of excellence, Tornado Group maintains close partnership with esteemed organization such as Dubai Quality Group (DQG) in order to harness continuous professional advancement, effective management practices and business excellence.

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