Tornado Total Landscape provides with wide range of aqua solutions, including construction of swimming pools, water features, fountains, ponds and bespoke special projects. Knowing that water brings additional charm and life to the landscape, we incorporate the use of water flow in the best possible way for indoor and outdoor projects.

In Tornado Total Landscape we design and construct the most durable and beautiful water solutions, while understanding customer needs and preferences of our clients. On top of that, we responsibly take into consideration natural environment, energy and water conservation aspects, and create projects matching with current landscape design.

We Enrich Your Landscape By:

·         Creating natural water projects like water ponds, lakes, waterfalls and brooks


·         Creating sheer descents, curtains, arcs, as well as sheer rain


·         Designing small architecture water features including streams, fountains etc.


·         Designing architectural water features like outdoor and indoor swimming pools


·         Designing vanishing edge pools and fountains, weeping walls, and cascades


·         Constructing large scale projects like reservoirs and water tanks


·         Inserting lights within water projects


·         Adjusting sound of water features to have pleasant feeling of rain forest


·         Water features analysis and providing water treatment solutions


·         Reparation, remodeling, renovation, and maintenance of water features and special projects