Tornado’s engineering expertise is capable to design waste water treatment systems which are suitable to the diverse requirements of each client and these include conventional-type, extended Aeration, MBR, MBBR, and SAF.


Tornado Water Treatment, as the water experts, we understand how to manage the water cycle and can meet the challenges associated with providing and reusing water. We provide solutions in desert, overseas and tropical environments. We specialize in delivering integrated sustainable solutions that range from drinking water supply management and wastewater treatment, to bespoke design solutions for commerce and industry. When it comes to water and wastewater, no other company can match our depth of resources or our capability.


Whatever our clients do with water, we can help them maximize efficiencies and effectiveness whilst being considerate to the environment. We have established a reputation for providing high quality customer service and operational excellence through a broad range of services, including:


·         Water supply and management to homes and businesses

·         Design, build, operation and maintenance of water-related assets

·         Customized and sustainable solutions to optimize water cycle and wastewater Customized and sustainable solutions to optimize water cycle and wastewater

·         Technological solutions for the treatment of potable, process and utility water, and wastewater





RO Project

·         Seawater Reverse Osmosis System

·         Brackish Reverse Osmosis System

·         Standard Reverse Osmosis Water

·         Purification (ROWPU) units


Design, Fabrication, Supply & Installation of various Reverse Osmosis Units of different sizes for different purposes. TORNADO provides complete engineering, procurement, design and construction services for our customers in UAE. We utilize our offices' construction and procurement talents in combination with our engineering specialists to bring the lowest capital costs to our clients. TORNADO Technologies designs, builds, installs and commissions high TDS or seawater brackish water, & standard reverse osmosis systems.


TORNADO provides pre-treatment methods to remove dissolved solids, bacterial and organic matter:

·         Clarification

·         Coagulant dosing

·         Cartridge filtration Multimedia filtration

·         Ultrafiltration






Tornado has made a strong repute for providing waste water treatment systems installation. We specialize in water treatment plants and equipment designed to meet the performance requirement consistently and cost-effectively. By leveraging on design and engineering, project management and turnkey installations, we develop total water treatment solutions that work together seamlessly.


Through an advanced in-house design and engineering capabilities, we have evolved as a market leader, providing end to end solutions for water treatment. An ISO 9001:2015 certification demonstrates our commitment to quality at every stage of the business. 


We have built our company on the principal of Client Customer Service and Satisfaction as our #1 goal. As a result, we have found that if you enforce the concept of "customer service", success will follow.


·         Supply & Installation of Wastewater Treatment Plant.

·         Supply & Installation of Lifting Station 

·         Supply & Installation of Vacuum System.

·         Supplier of Odor Control Units 

·         Supplier of Industrial Vacuum Loader 

·         Supplier of Complete range of Hydraulic, electric, mechanical pumps, pumping systems, power units, dredges, etc.

·         Supplier of Sewage Grinders 



Grey water recycling is used for, irrigation. In arid regions where potable water is created at great expense by desalination, the economics are more attractive still. Grey water is usually considered to be all the waste water from a residence but excluding the black water. 


Ideally suited to new build developments where dual drainage can be designed in at an early stage. The grey water is collected and treated separately from the black water. The use of treated and recycled grey water within a development will require a separate pressure supply from the potable water supply. 





Industrial wastewater typically contains the contaminants such as solids, oil and greases, soft and hard organics, acids and alkalis, gases, metals, and toxic contaminants.



TORNADO has custom engineered a large number of Industrial wastewater treatment plants for various different industrial applications. Treatment processes include but not limited to prescreening, coagulation, flocculation, filtration, and chemical dosing, degasification, oil and grease removal, aerobic and anaerobic treatment.