Tornado Total Landscape is passionate about creating and maintaining green landscapes that bring vividness and life to the places where our customers live, work and relax. We aim to provide custom-tailored solutions to ensure our customers’ needs and expectations are fully met.

Creating Soft Landscapes: We Provide Services Covering:

·         Advisory on horticultural and technical aspects of the landscape design;

·         Choosing relevant plants and flowers, taking into consideration its grouping, sun, soil, and water requirements and physical features;

·         Providing with high-quality lawns and grass seeding;

·         Improving fertility of the soil;

·         Hedging and planting diverse species of trees and shrubs from local nurseries, ensuring their alignment to climatic conditions;

·         Ornamental and interior planting;

·         Theme Gardens Designs: i.e., Rose, Fruits/Vegetable, Vines, Seasonal, Palms

·         Ground covers and turfing;

·         Irrigation systems designs, implementation and maintenance;

·         Beaches facilities design / installation, management and maintenance;

·         Maintenance of the indoor plants and landscape