All the created soft landscape designs, hard landscape architecture, lighting and water features can sustain their attractiveness and properties when timely care is taken. Regular landscaping maintenance is planned by our team with great care and importance to keep the landscape enticing, utility, and safe.


In Tornado Total Landscape we help our clients not only with planning, designing and implementation of the projects, but also, responsibly, we take care of the landscape maintenance, increasing their aesthetic features, and usefulness.


Landscape Services We Provide:

·         Soft landscape maintenance: i.e., Greenery, Plants, Trees, and Lawns etc.


·         Hard landscape maintenance


·         Beaches maintenance


·         Water features and swimming pools maintenance and cleaning


·         Soil fertilization


·         Filtration and irrigation systems maintenance


·         Lightings maintenance


·         Insecticide Application, Fungicide Application Propagation and Post Harvesting