Tornado Total Landscape provides proper installation and maintenance of landscape irrigation networks to ensure continued vitality of your greenery. Maintaining beauty and utility of soft and hard landscapes in a hot and arid Middle East climate is one of the biggest challenges. We address these challenges with design and implementation of sustainable and cost-effective irrigation systems and smart sensors that help to keep the landscape environment vivid, and green. While designing irrigation systems we consider all the natural aspects like sun direction, shade exposure, ground slope, soil type, evapotranspiration, individual plants demand, and water use, which make our irrigation systems truly optimal, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Irrigation Systems and Services, We Offer:

·         Designing sustainable irrigation networks and ensuring continued vitality of green areas


·         Planning an optimal irrigation network type (automatic or centralized irrigation system)


·         Installation of landscape irrigation networks


·         Water quality testing and treatment


·         Maintenance of the irrigation systems


·         Rain Water drainage

Range of Irrigation Network Systems we implement:

·         Sprinkler Irrigation


·         Drip Irrigation


·         Bubbler Irrigation


·         Sub Surface Irrigation

Types of Irrigation Sensors we use:

·         Flow sensors


·         Moisture sensors


·         Weather sensors


·         Rain sensors


·         Wind sensors