Stylish and imaginative landscaping is what we strive to achieve in all our designs where water features, garden ornamentations, and other aspects can be add a magical depth to landscape areas. Hard landscape is the key structure of any landscape creations. Enriching the landscape with pathways, paved additions, stones and hard landscape architecture assures better utility of space and convenience for people to enjoy the open space. Analysis of natural features of the place, and choosing the right materials to match the design will enhance the durability and sustainability of the landscape design leaving a positive impact on local community and the environment.

Designing Hard Landscapes, We Provide Services Covering:


·         Construction of pathways, paved additions, walls, seatings


·         Design and installation of panoramic walls and fences


·         Design and installation of feature wooden, stone or metal elements


·         Creating structures such as pergolas, gazebos, terraces


·         Creating sport grounds such tennis courts, basketball courts, football pitches, children's playgrounds, etc.


·         Building open and covered parking squares


·         Earth works - evocation works; works on soil, sub base and subgrade


·         Design and installation or construction of water features and fountains


·         Design, construction and maintenance of swimming pools


·         Supplying all types of granite stones, sandstone, York stones, sets and limestones


·         Supplying various aggregates such as stones chippings, paddle stones, pebbles, slates and tumbled


·         Providing rockery materials, feature stones and standing stones