Tornado offers three types of Filtration Systems Multimedia Filtration, Cartridge Filters, and Activated Carbon Filtration. Multimedia Filtration is used for the reduction of suspended solids and for colloidal materials. A properly designed system should remove particles that are 10 microns and above.


Cartridge Filters operate in a dead-end flow mode and have a fixed dirt handling capacity. A water filter cartridge is central to the smooth operation of the water filtration system and it has the ability to remove fine particles such as sand, mud, asbestos, silt and turbidity.


Activated Carbon Filtration is utilized for the removal of organics and chlorine.


(UF) utilizes the same membrane technology and processes identified with reverse osmosis membranes. 

UF WILL reject dissolved solids/particles of approximately 30-100 angstroms or whose molecular weights range between 10,000 and 120,000 Daltons, but not ions.


Tornado Ultra Filtration System utilizes this membrane filtration technology where the water permeates can either be recycled or reused through other filtration methods and systems.