Tornado group has signed an investor partnership agreement with Dubai Quality Group (DQG). The objective of this alliance is to maximize both resources and expertise to achieve a particular goal and that is to promote professional development, attainment of profound knowledge about quality, effective management practices and business excellence. Hence, this partnership aims at enabling the transfer and exchange of expert knowledge, experiences, best practices, ideas, and the expansion of optimal & productive cooperation. In order to activate fruitful cooperation between both parties to foster quality, business excellence, innovation, technology performance, and leadership in the construction filed.

The agreement signing ceremony was attended by senior officials from both parties. The delegation from DQG was headed by Fatma Buti Al Mheiri, Chairman, Dubai Quality Group, who handed over the Certificate of Investor Partnership to Engr Mohammad Saleh Halalsheh General Manager Tornado Building Contracting LLC, in appreciation for its investment in DQG’s strategies and initiatives.

 “Tornado Group is excited to be part of Dubai Quality Gorup through this strategic partnership which is considered as an essential milestone for Tornado Group who is striving toward the serious implementation of Quality, Uniqueness, and Innovation policies. Tornado Group is committed to establishing the quality concept within the private sector in a way that meets clients’ need and acquires their satisfaction throughout the Nation’s Markets.  Tornado Group believes this to be the way toward continuous success and keeping the pace with excellence in an environment full of challenges especially in the construction field in both the private and the public sectors.” Says Mohammad Halalsheh General Manager Tornado Building Contracting LLC.

 These partnerships will enhance cooperation among government and private entities by provide a platform for knowledge and information exchange, which will in return have a positive impact on the business environment. The partnership will also increase the scale and speed of innovation and creativity implementation at the partnering entities.